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2018년 10월 23일

RebirthM is an epic mobile MMORPG that starts you at level 100 [2018-10-12]

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RebirthM is the kind of game that would have been totally impossible just a couple of years ago. Not only is this MMO action-RPG gorgeous to look at, but it’s epic in scale, with a sprawling open world to explore and conquer in real time.


Though the game isn’t out yet, the pre-release footage looks fantastic, boasting a vast array of imaginative, beautifully rendered heroes, animals, and monsters, including a giant blue-backed tarantula and a dragon the size of a skyscraper.


These mythical creatures have the run of a vast fantasy landscape, charging through hordes of enemies and veritable firework displays of crackling multicolored magic.



There’s a beautiful story campaign to work your way through, with a narrative that spans the continents. This includes Elite Dungeon Challenges, where you can defeat monsters at various scales, and a huge number of pets, mounts, and other items to collect.


Interestingly, you more or less begin at level 100, and level-up infinitely from there, giving you endless scope to customise your character and make them totally unique. Armed with this ideal character, you can take on other players in PvP, or get involved in a guild.


As ever in the MMORPG genre, the multiplayer is where the real action lies. You can participate in boss fights with up to 20 other players, and joining a guild lets you receive guild benefits and socialise with other players through the Community System.



And whenever you feel like taking a break from cooperation and comradeship you can jump into endless PK battles against numerous other players. There’s no better way to hone your skills for the battlefield.


The mobile app stores aren’t short of action-RPGs, but RebirthM looks like something special. Download it on Google Play and the App Store when it comes out later this month.

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  • A Caret Games resolveu apostar suas fichas primeiro no mercado brasileiro. A desenvolvedora coreana anunciou que seu novo título mobile, “Rebirth M”, será lançado primeiro no Brasil em 18 de outubro para Android e iOS. Free-to-play, “ Rebirth M ” é um MMORPG mobile ambientado em um vasto mundo aberto cheio de quests, lugares e personagens que caracterizam MMORPGs para PC em grande escala. O título vai batalhas em tempo real com incríveis gráficos proporcionados pela Unity 3D. Além disso, “Rebirth M ” também oferecerá aos jogadores batalhas PvP e modos PK em que os jogadores competem para dominar os campos de batalhas do game. Também será possível criar e participar de guilds e se comunicar com outros jogadores in-game através do sistema de comunidade para desafiar épicas raids de até 20 jogadores simultaneamente. No game, os jogadores terão quatro diferentes classes para escolher (Slayer, Berserket, Wizard, e Ranger) e um sistema de evolução único. Diferente de outros MMORPGs, em “ Rebirth M ” os players já iniciam no level 100 e podem evoluir infinitamente de forma mais rápida. Para mais informações, visite a página do jogo no Facebook .
  • Seoul, South Korea, October 12, 2018 – Caret Games , a Korean game developer of 3D MMORPG games is set to launch its upcoming mobile MMO Action-RPG RebirthM in Brazil on October 18th, 2018. RebirthM is a 3D massive multiplayer online role-playing mobile game that catapults the player into a beautiful and large-scale open world that features both PvE and real-time PvP action, an engaging story line, and epic fantasy battles paired with an elaborate character and item crafting system. RebirthM is slated for initial release in Brazil on October 18th and will be available for free download for both Android and iOS devices. The game allows players to partake in real-time battles in a dynamic open world and features a huge amount of original content that is set to be expanded through regular updates. Running on the Unity 3D engine, RebirthM features a vast open world full of quests, places, and characters that mirrors the dimensions of a full-scale PC MMORPG. Experience a new kind of 3D mobile action gameplay that comes with incredible graphics and dynamic 3D camera views for full immersion. Follow an engaging storyline while traveling across the divided plains of Arcroth, using the smooth and intuitive touch controls of RebirthM to experience the full depth of this action-packed fantasy MMORPG. In addition to PvE, RebirthM offers both real-time PvP and special PK survival modes in which players compete with other adventurers to establish who’s reigning the battlefields of RebirthM . Players can also create and join guilds, and use the in-game Community System to assemble strong parties and embark on epic raids of up to 20 players simultaneously. RebirthM features four different classes and a unique leveling system. Players start at level 100 and can level up infinitely at a much higher pace compared to many conventional MMORPG. After choosing among the Slayer , Berserker , Wizard , and Ranger classes, players are challenged with developing a character ready to eventually take on a variety of different scale elite monsters and bosses in the game’s exclusive Elite Dungeon Challenges. RebirthM also features four different kinds of collectibles: Wings, pets, mounts, and changeform. While exploring the vast game world and solving the many quests in the world of RebirthM , players can collect these unique and special collectibles. With the right determination and a honed skillset, players will receive rare bonus items that cannot be achieved otherwise. In addition to experiencing the captivating main story, there are daily missions and special challenges for players to complete, including a variety of in-game events. By completing each one of them, users will receive unique prizes that can be used to boost their characters and improve battle skills needed to take on more advanced enemies and other players. For more information on features and events, interested players are welcomed to check out the official Facebook fan page at: . Also make sure to check out more gameplay footage of RebirthM via its official YouTube Channel: ABOUT CARET GAMES Caret Games is a mobile game developer whose vision it is to make PC-like massive multiplayer role-playing games on mobile that “challenge the kind of mobile MMORPG that only large game companies can produce”. As a small team of renown experts in the field of mobile game development, Caret Games has been focusing on the development of RebirthM since 2015. Further information on Caret Games and its games can be found at:
  • 3D MMORPGs are a fairly common sight on the mobile app stores these days. It takes something special to make one of them stand out, and RebirthM has special in spades. For a start, it looks fantastic, with a beautifully rendered fantasy landscape filled with epic-looking heroes, mounts, and monsters, including a sword-wielding giant, a towering dragon, and a tarantula big enough to ride, all festooned with splashes of glowing multicolored magic. The single player story sees you travelling the continents smashing baddies and thwarting evil. It also lets you take part in Elite Dungeon Challenges, which are basically boss stages against increasingly powerful boss characters. Along the way you’ll collect all manner of items and objects, as well as pets, and mounts to ride in battle. In a twist we’ve never seen before, the game starts you off at level 100, with no upper level cap. This gives you endless scope to customise and hone your character to suit your own preferences and playing style. Naturally, you’ll spend most of your time in the multiplayer, where you can either go head to head with other players in PvP, or join forces with them in a guild. The PvP takes multiple forms. RebirthM is a totally open world, and you can get into PvP scrapes with other players in real time whenever you feel like it. But you can also jump into a PK battle and go up against multiple human foes on a completely level playing field, to sharpen your combat skills. You’ll be able to see for yourself when RebirthM hits Google Play and the App Store later this month.